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Looking for an alternative to A real NZ Mac community? Head over to the NZ Mac User Forums | Looking for a cheap eMac with web hosting, G4 17" all in one with CRT display and a smart space-saving design? Or want to donate to a new PowerBook, with stunning flat-panel LCD from MagnumMac, NZs favourite Mac reseller? I would love a G5 with Airport Express or even an iMac, but beggers generally can't choose - might give me one tho? Or Maybe Renaissance NZ - Apple Division? One of them is sure to have a spare one. I do work hard. The rapid progress in computing technology doesn't mean that you cant get adequate results from your eMac with a few up-dates and modifications. There is of course no substitute to buying a new Apple eMac, iMac, iBook or Power Mac G4/G5 running MacOSX. With Apache 2 and MySql of course. Search Google for the latest prices on G4 eMacs in NZ.